Charnath Yondreth


Scales, wings, claws and a maw. He is rare, but existent race, known as the Draconid. However, unlike most Draconid who are born with the common colors, he was born with colors of bright gold that glinted in the sun and almost make him look like a majestic looking being of great power and also one of ancient times.


The Story of Charnath Yondreth

To first understand what or who Charnath is we must first go back in time and tell you the time of when the ancient Dragons, themselves flew the sky, commanded the elements and lived in peace. However in times of peace, war is destined to break out and so it did. I great epic battle that involved the dragons themselves splitting and battling, however history as forgotten these great majestic and mysteries creatures and instead as come to outcast or fear whatever remnants they have left behind.
This is where our story of Charnath comes in. Like all Draconids, which is what they have become known as, was born to a father and mother. His father a copper Draconid and his mother a silver one. However, unlike most children who may take the same color of their parents or even the more of the common colors he was born as a gold scaled Draconid. To the youth and young adults he was looked upon as if he was almost an abomination to their race and was treated as an outcast, however to the elderly of his race they looked at him as a sign of a great change that would be brought to the land, and the possible resurrection of their kind to former glory and the return of the once fierce creatures known as dragons. They assumed that he would have the ability to unlock the true potential of their race and restore what they truly are, pure blooded dragons.
Growing up with some much hate from the youth made it hard for Charnath, however because he was a gold dragon he felt a great deal of virtue to help his race and lead them to a different life then they were given, and he also felt a deep sense of yearning to be able to take the form of his great ancestor.
He decided as a young Draconid that he would do whatever he could in life to begin the perfection of his body to try and become more then a Draconid and become a dragon instead. As the years progressed the people in his village started to notice changes about Charnath that made him stand out even more. The first change that over took him was the fact that his scales seemed to be stronger then even those of the other young Draconids. He found this out when he stood up for one of his kind, even though they treated him like an outsider. The thing, which he couldn’t tell what it was, tried to bring its club down upon Charnath’s head after he pushed him off of a young black Draconid and the club shattered has it connected with Charnath. It was confused because seconds earlier it was beating the other Draconid without breaking his club. Started the creature ran away from the two. After that day Charnath and the young black Dracoid, known as Zhenthur, became friends. It was the first of his kind to actually extend the hand of friendship to Charnath. They did almost everything together, and while Zhenthur didn’t have the same goals as Charnath, he did respect his friend and stood by his side in thick and thin. They did things all normal children did, by exploring and getting into trouble and causing their parents to worry about them.
As time continued to pass the second of the changes seem to take over Charnath. It was during a journey back to town after they went on an adventure to explore an old cave, when their town was being over run by large wolves, which normally wouldn’t be a problem, but these ones seemed to contain magical properties. Charnath and Zhenthur charged right into this battle with no fear in their hearts or their eyes. They were battling bravely when they wolves seemed to have the entire village cornered. Charnath felt something take him over and he walked to the front of his people to fight these wolves one on one. As he approached them he opened his maw and what bellowed forth was a great flame that enveloped the wolves and left nothing but ashes of where they once stood. Everyone was shocked and confused by what just happened, but no one questioned Charnath about what he had done. From that day the feelings of the town towards Charnath had shifted towards a more friendly yet skittish relationship. Time continue to pass for Charnath and Zhenthur, when one day they were climbing a tree out in the desert. Upon reaching the top the branch upon which Zhenthur had been standing suddenly broke, and with pure instinct Charnath jumped after him. During the descent Charnath felt something rip free from his back and he knew not weather a branch or some debris had hit him on the way down, but he suddenly felt the urge to stretch his back and when he did two large wings took the air from under him and picked him up, but Zhenthur was still falling towards earth, until it appeared as if the same thing had happened to Zhenthur. After both some how managed to land safely on the ground they looked each other over carefully and both noticed that large wings now protruded from their backs. Neither knew why, but it felt as if they belonged and they didn’t hinder the two. They also found it easy and somewhat natural to be able to fly through the air. When they entered town they got a lot of strange and scared looks from they people around them, but no one seemed to question what was happening to the two. The elders looked upon them both, but mostly Charnath as if the signs they had been talking about were suddenly manifesting themselves right before their eyes.
Time continued to tick by as the two grew older and mature, when the Great War between the Riall and Untelu began. It eventually became enough of a threat that the Draconid felt like they needed to partake in the war itself, however they fought for neither side and instead only supplied help to those that were injured and made it off the battlefield. However Zhenthur didn’t agree with just standing around and helping these injured fools and instead flew off into the direction of the battle itself. He joined in with neither side and instead went about slaying, whatever creatures stood in his path. Most of the Riall and Untelu was no match for him, and there were very few that would stand up against him. Charnath knew what power Zhenthur held, but he also knew this was not their war to be in and he flew off in search of his friend to stop him from killing. However what he came across was something far worse then he could imagine. Zhenthur was face to face with a beast that was disturbed during the fight between the Riall and Untelu. It was a giant Jotund Troll. A creature only heard of in stories and never really seen much in these parts, especially so near to a desert, but it was truly one of their kinds. Upon seeing this Jotund appear all of the Riall and Untelu in the area quickly dispersed and the fighting seemed to stop, however Zhenthur didn’t budge but instead gripped his two-handed sword harder. Charnath knew what he was going to do and flew at a lighting speed to reach his friend and at least fight by his side. Instead he was forced to watch his friend fight the creature from a distance. Zhenthur charged forward with no fear bellowing that his was far greater then any troll, Jotund or not. And as he engaged battle he managed to swing his sword, but was instantly crushed by the massive club wielded by the Jotund. Charnath knew there was no way to save his friend, but a rage over came him and he flew into battle with the Jotund. Draconid gauntlets on he readied himself for a glorious death, however it never came. The battle was fierce, but over before Charnath knew. He didn’t know what happened nor what happened to the Jotund, but he could see the body of his friend on the ground. Upon landing he ran to Zhenthur, who was limp in his body. Charnath could only stare and try to will his friend back to life. Zhenthur opened his eyes, and whispered one final thing to Charnath, “Bring, back the glory of our race”.
Charnath knew exactly what he meant and with a load roar that almost shook the country side Charnath laid his friend to rest. From that day forward, Charnath and Zhenthur were known as the Draconid who stifled the Great War for a few years; however it would never stop the race war between the Riall and Untelu. Years past and not much was heard from Charnath other then he continued to strive for perfection to become a pure blood. When one day he appeared to his townspeople and told them.
“I have heard of a guild that is asking for help in attaining artifacts, so that they may keep them out of the hands of people who would use them for the wrong purpose. While I will keep all of you in my heart I feel a great sense of responsibility to go forth and help this guild with their collection of artifacts, however I will return to you one day. I will not however, be the Draconid that left you hear today, but instead I will be a great Pure Blood Draconid that has once again brought to life the age of the dragons”.

Charnath Yondreth

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