Enlightened yet goofy hound archon warrior


Three thousand years ago, the body of the mortal hero Cynwrig Wyrmhunter died, sacrificed for a greater good. His wounds were too great, and he passed from this world before his body could pass through the Chaos Rift with his allies. Cynwrig’s spirit was sent to the Boneyard and began to make its way down the River of Souls. Cynwrig’s spirit was unaware that the war had been won however, so like an ethereal salmon he swam against the current for several years, trying desperatly to return to the mortal world before Pharasma herself pulled him out, judged him favorably, and sent him on his way to be by his god’s side. When Cynwrig arrived in the Immortal Ambulatory, Leovarna was there, waiting to fly him to Apsu’s great cathedral.

Apsu was pleased to see that Cynwrig still had so much fire in him, so he gave Cynwrig a choice with a cost. He could enjoy paradise here with Apsu and the dragons, or Cynwrig could ascend to a higher state of being and continue to fight Tiamat. This, Apsu warned him, would also mean leaving his memories and past life behind. Cynwrig debated this with himself for several mortal years, all the time knowing the answer he would take. He elected to fight.

And so the hound archon Uzehaphiel was created. Under Apsu’s orders, he spent the first five hundred years of his life in meditation, in order to find peace within himself. He spent the next two thousand years leading a battalion of hound archons, the Silver Pack, against the forces of Tiamat in Hell. He developed a deep kinship with his second in command, Pilehipr. Unbeknownst to him, Pilehipr was created from the spirit of his dragon partner, Leovarna. The two fought side by side for many years, until one battle, when things went wrong. Uzehaphiel had been cut off from the rest of his company, fighting a great helldragon. As he battled the wyrm, he could see his allies being dropped and dragged off left and right. The last he saw fall before he himself did was Leovarna.

Instead of imprisioning him like his squad, the twisted devils took his mangled body back to a location where it would be found by other archons, so that Uzehaphiel would have to live with the knowledge that he had left a squad behind. When Apsu heard of this, he forbid Uzehaphiel from returning to Hell. Uzehaphiel used this time for more meditation, during which he reached enlightenment. However, the emotional torment warped his personality, and to combat his grave situation, Uzehaphiel developed a comical alter ego to help with the pain. After another 500 years, Apsu gave him a new assignment. He was to watch over the life of a human, in secret, and aid him when the time came.

At first, Uzehaphiel watched Archibald from far away, silently averting what trouble he could. When Archibald got older, Uzehaphiel became a friend to him, in the form of Chivalron, a silver draconid. Watching him for so long, Chiv developed a father-like attachment to Archibald, an attachment he hid under the guise of friendship. And when the time came to help, Chivalron was there.

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